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Live and In-Person: What Every Company Should Know About Event Production

HOW TO GET MY MESSAGE ACROSS Any business, large or small, faces the challenge of communicating effectively with its current and prospective customers, suppliers, employees and partners. While traditional mass-mailing campaigns and broadcast advertising have in large part given way

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Making the Most of Your Marketing Budget at Your Next Expo

We’re currently hard at work preparing our exhibit for the Experiential Marketing Expo to be held in May! An expo represents an enormous opportunity for your brand to demonstrate value to your target audience, so you need to have a

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How Far In Advance Should You Book a Venue for Your Event?

Corporate events take a lot of time and effort to plan, coordinate, and produce. You owe it to yourself and to your audience to start the planning stages as early as possible to make your event the best it can

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Pixel and Projection Mapping Can Transform Any Surface into a Screen for Dynamic Audience Engagement

Marketing professionals know that one of the best ways to engage an audience at an event is to create a spectacle they’ll never forget. Brands are always competing for attention and you need to stand out from the crowd if

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Tips for Creating Engaging Experiences for Your Audience at Events

Engagement is a key concept that is taking over the events industry right now. Creating experiences that engage an audience is the only way for a brand to compete for their attention. Consider the fact that Facebook, with its newsfeed

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What You Can Learn from the Olympics About Planning Your Next Event

The Winter Olympic Games are underway in South Korea! Event planners love watching the spectacle of the Olympics every two years because it is, in many ways, at the cutting edge of event planning. It is one of the biggest

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4 Strategies for Capturing The Attention of Next-Gen Attendees of Events

The average age of attendees at corporate events is trending downward as more next-gen attendees flood the labor force. Next-gen attendees have much different values than we are accustomed to, but this fact represents a big opportunity for brands who

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Creative Ways to Use Virtual Reality at Your Next Event

We’ve discussed in previous blogs how quickly virtual reality has grown over the past couple of years. VR is becoming a fixture for brands at events for good reason – it’s one of the most effective ways of creating engagement

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Tips for Producing a Video for Your Next Event

When it comes to producing a video to show at your next event, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. You need to follow the general rules we outlined last week, but you’ll also need to think about

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How to Use Retargeting to Grow Your Event Audience

Last week we discussed some of the ways you could convert your event website visitors into paying ticket buyers. All of the best practices listed there are essential for drawing in a potential event audience and driving up revenues. But

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Convert Your Site Visitors into Event Ticket Buyers with These Tips

We’ve talked before about how important your content is to the success of your events. Creating audience-centric content is the key to creating momentum for your event and increasing attendance from year to year. Once you’ve caught the eye of

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4 Ways to Give Your Event Audience FOMO

Have you ever heard of the term FOMO? Perhaps you’ve experienced it in the past but never recognized it as such before! FOMO is an acronym for “fear of missing out”, and it is the anxiety people get when they

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Top Creative Event and Video Production Companies in Maryland and Washington, DC

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