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  • 4 Strategies for Capturing The Attention of Next-Gen Attendees of Events

    The average age of attendees at corporate events is trending downward as more next-gen attendees flood the labor force. Next-gen attendees have much different values than we are accustomed to, but this fact represents a big opportunity for brands who recognize it and adapt their event planning strategies to try and capture their attention. Looking for ways to do so for your brand? Here are four related strategies to implement as you start planning your… Read More

  • 3 Technologies Set to Revolutionize Events in 2018

    Every new year brings excitement in the event industry. Technology continues to evolve as new challenges are identified and the needs of attendees are addressed. However, there‚Äôs something particularly exciting about the potential for 2018. VR and AR tech is advancing rapidly and being implemented in innovative ways. In addition, other technologies are exploding onto the scene and are set to make us rethink the way we approach events in the coming year. Here are… Read More