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  • So You Want to Upgrade Your Event?

    It’s perfectly understandable for people planning corporate events to dream big in order to improve the experience year after year. Growth is the sign of a healthy business, they reason, so isn’t making upgrades to your event every year a great way to make the event better? The truth is that it is not automatically the case. Some upgrades may be warranted, especially if your brand could stand to do much better because of them…. Read More

  • 4 Creative Ways to Boost the ROI of a Video

    You spend a lot of time, effort, and budget into making your corporate video the best that it can be. And after all of that hard work, it is really exciting to see your video go live and garner great engagement from your target audience. But do you have a plan in place to make the most out of your creation? The most successful marketing professionals put their content to work for them by maximizing… Read More

  • How to Drive Conversions by Using Online Videos

    Online videos are quickly becoming key tools in the arsenal of any savvy brand marketing professional. A key goal of a marketing strategy that utilizes online videos is to drive conversions on your website and increase your sales leads. To increase the ROI on your content, you’ll need to use different types of videos in various ways and promote them effectively. Here are some useful strategies to drive conversions using online videos.