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  • Why Studio Webcasts are Working for Brands

    Brands that are looking to get their content out to their target audience have a lot of options to choose from. Though traditional mediums such as print and television are declining, there is a massive opportunity to use the power and ubiquity of the internet, and specifically, that of online video, to get your branding message out there. Recently, studio webcasts are proving to be effective at engaging audiences for companies in a variety of… Read More

  • Why Webcasts Are Taking the Business World by Storm

    You may have noticed the explosive growth of video on social media networks recently. Businesses across a wide array of industries are using video, and especially live webcasts, as a way to connect with their audiences and build brand awareness in a highly engaging way. At TalkingTree Creative, we have produced webcasts featuring a small live audience in a studio environment for our clients to help them achieve their marketing goals. Is live webcasting simply… Read More